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The lounge with Robert Conrad

This show is awesome!! Mr Conrad is very nice and really cares about his fans . He made me feel like family!! God bless people like Robert Conrad!!

CRN is wonderful

Check out Barry Farber

Can only get one channel!

I was happy to see that I could once again receive CRN. The proper upgrades have been made and my iPhone could finally tune in again. However, I am mightily frustrated because whenever I hit the little home icon it will not do anything. The first station that I tuned into, which is number 3, apparently is the only one that I am able to access through CRN’s app. I do not know what is wrong with it and every day it is the same situation even though I have charged my phone overnight. If someone at CRN could correct this glitch in the app soon, that would be wonderful! Meanwhile it’s a good thing I like Mike Gallagher.

Great app!

Talk radio, conservative, health, news and contemporary christian music. Make your selection on stations 1-7. For Larry Elder fans, he's on CRN-1 @ 12 pm pst and repeats again on CRN-5 @ 3 pm pst. Streaming is good, little to no interruptions, has some commercials but not overwhelming like other stations. No pop up ads, or it's so small that I could barely notice, works great!

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